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Lip Set Pigments for permanent makeup "Colorica"

Lip Set Pigments for permanent makeup "Colorica"

$360.00 Regular Price
$320.00Sale Price

Pigments for lips 


LP1 - Cold Red medium brightness 

LP2 - Soft Red bright but delicate

LP3 - Warm Bright red Coral 

LP4 - Warm Orange Coral. Helps neutralize blue/purple shade of the natural lips. Can be used in pure form.

LP5 - Base nude color. Can be added to any bright colorto achieve softer and less vivid shade. Use pure for the most natural result

LP6 - Orange corrector for dark lips. Neutralize blue/purple shade of the natural lips. Can’t be used in pure form.

LP7 - Cold saturated pink

LP8 - Extreme bubble gum pink


At the heart of water and glycerin.

Liquid, but not fluid. Soft and pleasant. Esay to implant.

Made in Russia.

  • Composition

    organic pigments, aqua, glicerin, hamamelis virginiana extract

  • Organic or mineral?

    Organics to achieve a more natural and true shade without turning in the "lead" or red shades.

  • Can be mixed?

    All colors can be mixed together to expand the palette.

  • How much does it fade?

    This pigments are higly concentrated. So the color will remain up to 90%. Also master don't need to make a lot of passes to implant the pigment.

  • Does it has necessary documents?

    Yes, we have all necessary certificates like MSDS

  • Can I buy only one color?

    Yes, you can choose any color you want. 

    The price will be 45$ for 1 pigment

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