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Colorica Xf permanent makeup device

Colorica Xf permanent makeup device


The thinnest pen in the world workin with cartridges like Kwadron.


Only the handle itself is included! Does not come with a power supply and a cable.

  • Specifications

    Weight 76g.

    Length 120mm

    Diameter 18mm

    Working voltage 4-6 volts

    Needle stroke 2.8 mm

    Adjusting the needle length by turning the holder

    Made in Russia

  • Warranty

    1 year 

  • Power Supply

    This device works with tattoo power supply like Critical or Hurricane and simmilar

  • Cable

    Any RCA cable 

  • Needles

    Any cartrides as Kwadron, Defender, Envy or simmilar will work with machine

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